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At the company picnic I managed to catch Niko’s “waiting dance” on camera. Until this point it had not yet been recorded. Niko also proved to be a very serious spiderman, a giddy horse rider, and a big fan of water bounce like-like blow up thingies. And we rode a chairlift. Which is very odd [...]


Sometimes I ask him to read the book to me.

Nature Center

Nick’s class at the Nature Center put on a show.

Aunt Jan is Buzzing

My sister is posting to Buzz, which in itself is news. But the picture is damn cute as well. http://www.google.com/buzz/janljohnston/Qp178LrRVJe/Brothers


Welcome to the world Silas. At first I felt like the call was a lot like an Apple commercial. Then I realized it was actually the Apple commercial that was a lot like the call.

Rope swing

Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to hold him like this, but while I can…

Sans bubble

This week Niko declared, “I can swim, all…by…myself.” And sure enough, he could.