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Outside of “US President,” parenthood invites advice like no other position in life. I remember a women crossing the street in Mountain View to tell me Niko should be wearing a hat (it was a frigid 55 degrees). Television seems to spark a great deal of debate as well as a huge amount of unsubstantiated [...]

Sunset on FL

Last goodbyes to FL this year. Countdown to next year starting…

On language: M&Ms

Niko calls M&Ms, “Nem-i-nems.” As in, “I would wike shome nem-i-nems, pwees, shank you.“


Our Fl trip always includes at least one trip down the bayou for a breakfast of oysters and beer. (OK, so technically it isn’t a bayou, but how often do you get to use the word bayou?)


Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jere were at the house for all of March and had the house fully stocked when we arrived (doesn’t get better than that). Most mornings have been spent on the beach with Grandma Pat collecting shells. More specifically Grandma would collect them and Niko would throw them into the water. I’d [...]